Bethany Cause
(Why, What, How)

We believe the cause we are committed to is great because of the creator of that cause – Jesus Christ! We have been called and commissioned to be His agents of change to this community. “So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making His appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, come back to God!” (2 Cor.5:20) We are all in and going all out to love people to life change in Christ.

Our desire in championing this cause is to build a movement that is as close to the early church in Acts as possible. As you look at that example you find a band of believers who deeply cared for one another and for the people around them who did not think, behave or believe the way they did. They were not about politics, personal ambitions or preferences – they were completely surrendered to a cause that had eternal significance.

We will not be about judging and condemnation – nor will we be about compromise and complacency. We are surrendered to a cause that is larger than us and way more important than any personal agenda. We will hold Bethany with open hands and not closed fists. We believe this movement belongs to God for as long as He gives it life. Loving Him and loving others to Him is at the heart and soul of all we do! We believe God is glorified when the church is completely surrendered and the community is compassionately impacted. Our minds are captivated and our hearts are consumed by that thought. Everything we say and do will be driven to make that thought a reality.

Our Strategy

Purpose Statement = why we have decided to make a difference.

“Because God loves people and they matter greatly to Him, we will be relentless in our pursuit to helping the hurting and searching to experience the life changing love of Christ and lead them on a journey where they are ultimately empowered to share that same life changing message with their family and friends”.

Vision Statement = our destination, our goal – it is what we expect to find when we arrive at our destination.

“We believe God is most glorified when the church is completely surrendered and the community is compassionately impacted.”

Mission Statement = the path we have set in order to reach our destination.

“Loving people to life change in Christ”

Our core values

by the love of God, we willingly surrender our lives to be conduits of His grace to the hurting and searching in our community.

by the desperation of the culture, we will be generous with our resources as we strategically and intentionally impact the culture locally, regionally, nationally and globally.
by the way Jesus lived His life, we will make prayer a priority and pray about everything while we set our titles aside and put on our towels and serve others.

by the truth of God’s Word, we will teach and preach His Word without apology as we recklessly abandon the self-centered life and by faith go all in and all out for the only One who is worthy.
of who He is and in light of all He has done, we will honor Him and inspire others by pursuing excellence in all we do as we live our life for the applause of the nailed scared hands.

Our culture

Culture can be defined as a way of thinking, behaving or working that exists in an organization. The culture controls what we think, say and do. People are drawn to authenticity, so in all aspects of our culture we will be honest, authentic and real! Here are 3 points of emphasis we want you to know about the Bethany Culture.

We believe in a team approach to ministry. If one person holds all the answers and has all the best ideas – we are in deep weeds! We value everyone’s thoughts – therefore everyone will be treated with dignity and respect and will be encouraged to spread their creative wings so that we can all fly higher and farther. Until an elder team can be formed, Bethany will have its spiritual compass set by a strategic leadership team. Our SLT is currently in its early formation process. Every team has a leader, spoken or unspoken, and the lead pastor is seen as the leader among leaders.
We are called to be wise stewards of the time, talents and treasures of others. We will be truthful, trustworthy and transparent in how we handle God’s resources. Our finance team will consist of godly men and women who are gifted and wired with a Kingdom view of how to handle the resources of God’s people. They know how to dream big dreams, they are risk takers and they are faith filled followers of Christ. We will be a church with open hands understanding that nothing is ours – it ALL belongs to the Lord!
Our strategy is purpose driven – that simple means we have a purpose behind what we do. From an internal perspective, our desire is to raise up leaders who are agents of change for Christ at work, at home and around the community.

The illustration that best describes the continuum that is the Bethany model is the centric circles with the center being the core. We will constantly and creatively look for opportunities to invite people to take their “next step” toward becoming like Christ. Our strategy is driven by the 5 purposes of the church…

Invite people to know Christ – evangelism

Inform people to grow in Christ – discipleship

Inspire people to serve Christ – fellowship

Invest in people to share Christ – ministry

Ignite in people a passion for Christ – worship